Lead nurturing campaign

1. Go to Automation

2. Click on Campaign button

3. Write campaign name

4. Click on Create button

5. Go to Triggers section

6. In trigger list select Fills out form

7. In section Select value — select form which you will be used for this campaign (in our case is form to download eBook)

8. Go to Flow section

9. In flow list select Send Email

10. Choose the first email that users will receive after filling form (in our case this is a link to download eBook)

11. In flow list select Wait

12. Enter waiting period for next email send (in our case is 7 days)

13. To send next email, select in flow list Send Email. Choose second email which the lead will receive after waiting period (in our case this is link to blog post)

14. Repeat the process several times using different content for nurturing

15. Save campaign

16. Start campaign

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