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Step one: Create web form

1. Go to Design Studio

2. Click on Form button

3. Enter form name

4. Click on Create button

5. Open form Builder

6. Use drag and drop to move custom field

7. If you want to change font size, button color, etc. Just click on settings button

8. Save form

9. To place the form on your website, get the form code by clicking on the Get code button

10. Copy the form code and paste it into the code of your website

Step two: Create funnel

1. Go to Automation

2. Click on Funnel button

3. Click on New Funnel button

4. Enter funnel name

5. Enter stages names

6. Mark successful stages

7. Save funnel

Step three: Create Default Program

1. Go to Automation

2. Click on Default Program button

3. Write default program name

4. Select Newsletter funnel

5. Click on Create button

Step four: Create campaigns

1. Go to Automation

2. Click on Campaign button

3. Write campaign name (corresponding to funnel stage)

4. Select Program

5. Click on Create button

6. Go to Triggers section

7. In trigger list select Fills out form

8. In section Select value — select newsletter web form

9. Go to Flow section

10. In flow list select Change program status

11. In section Select value — select Subscribe

12. Save campaign

13. Start campaign

14. Go to Automation

15. Click on Campaign button

16. Write campaign name (corresponding to funnel stage)

17. Select Program

18. Click on Create button

19. Go to Triggers section

20. In trigger list select Unsubscribes from email

21. Select condition — is any 

22. Go to Flow section

23. In flow list select Change program status

24. In section Select value — select Unsubscribe

25. Save campaign

26. Start campaign

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