Set up an alert, when a lead visits web page

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Step one: Create email

1. Go to Design Studio

2. Click on Email button

3. Enter email name

4. Click on Continue button

5. Complete Subject and Sender sections

6. Click on Continue button

7. Select Email Type (in our case is Builder)

8. Click on Continue button

9. Select template


10. Click on Continue button

11. Edit email

13. To save email click on Save button


Step two: Create campaign

1. Go to Automation

2. Click on Campaign button

3. Enter campaign name

4. Go to Triggers section

5. In trigger list select Visit Web Page

6. Select condition — is any (visit any page on website)

7. Go to Flow section

8. In flow list select Send Alert

11. In section Select value — select alert email which you created for this campaign

12. In section Send to – emails — enter email address where to send alert

13. Save campaign

14. Start campaign

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